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Trigger Point Maps
  • This page contains information about muscle (myofascial) pain in the Chest and Abdomen region. It would be impossible to describe each and every muscle in detail, so I have therefore concentrated on the common ones.
  • Please look at About Muscle Pain, Trigger Point Treatments, and About Botox, and Exercises for more information.
  • Please note - in the diagrams below:-
    • X = the position of the trigger point (TP).
    • = the position where the referred pain is felt.
Region Muscle TrP Map Exercise
Chest Pectoralis Major TrP Map - Pectoralis Major Shoulder
Pectoralis Minor TrP Map - Pectoralis Minor
Sternalis TrP Map - Sternalis
Serratus Anterior TrP Map - Serratus Anterior
Abdomen Rectus Abdominis TrP Map - Rectus Abdominis Abdomen
External Oblique TrP Map - External Oblique
Pyramidalis TrP Map - Pyramidalis

Pictures taken from Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Volumes I + II by J.G. Travell and D.G. Simons (Illustrations B.D. Cummings)

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